Organization and Governance

AMEK is a professional Association registered under CAP 108 of the laws of Kenya section 10 of the Societies Rule vide registration number 18803 of the 9th July 1998.The Association Secretariat currently is housed at the Ministry of health head office Afya House Medical Engineering Services Division MESD Annex Building –Nairobi

The Association is governed by the council elected and mandated by the General Assembly at annual general meeting and the executive council of office bearers is responsible for day to day running of the affairs of the Association

                                                                    The 2019 AMEK COUNCIL



(Hon. Edward Muyeko Matekwa)


Vice Chair    

(Hon. Symon Mbaka)

Secretary General

(Hon. Millicent Alooh)


(Hon. Amos Mamati)

Women Rep

(Beth Njaramba)

sellah khalif

Asst Sec. General

(Hon. Selah Aseso)

 Organizing Secretary

(Hon. Khalif Dekow)

Council Members
nelson annerose paschal felix
Nelson Kariuki
Annerose Gitau
Paschal Njoka
 Felix Kariboro
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member
Council Member





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Previous Council Members

2015 AMEK Council

2010 AMEK Council

2007 AMEK Council

2004 AMEK Council

2003 AMEK Council

1998 AMEK Council

1997 AMEK Council